Is English Etiquette still important in Today's Society?

Welcome to Etiquette and Manners for the Contemporary Woman. This website is written for women from all backgrounds and nationalities to equip them with modern English Etiquette Skills helping them navigate their Business and Social lives with confidence and poise.

Current and relevant English Etiquette Information, especially for women and the challenges we face, is not readily available. Whilst other resources may state the rules, they are often generic and don't offer flexibility for the different situations we can find ourselves in.

How does this site differ?

Rather than an encyclopedia on etiquette, I combine old and modern rules with my own tried and tested experiences and then write about the benefits.

This provides more relevant, situation based examples to use in both your business, social and family lives.

How did this come about?

During twenty years working in the City of London's world of Finance I experienced both well mannered and not so well mannered people. I became intrigued as to how much an influence etiquette and behaviour had on success.

So in 2010 I decided to undertake my own exploration into just how relevant etiquette is in our lives today. During my research I always challenged myself to honor the rules but also adapt them to feel more appropriate to my life as a modern day woman. 

I learnt that the essence of etiquette is still as important now as it has always been, the subject just needed to appear more relevant for people to understand what a difference it can make to their success and confidence in all areas of their lives. 

What do I write about?

I write about traditional subjects like western dining etiquette and communication skills and more recent subjects like social media politeness, job interview etiquette tips and selecting wine at business dinners.

I aim to provide women with a guide they can refer to whenever they are in any doubt about what to do in the UK, how to behave and what to wear to any of their business or social occasions.

Why is it so relevant to Ladies now?

Acquiring good skills gives us full control of our own actions and makes us feel confident, which in turn enables us to influence the world around us, and we all need these skills.

If, like me, you are one of the few ladies with a desire to keep old world elegance whilst achieving modern ambitions then we have a great opportunity to leave a legacy by setting an example to other women and influencing the younger generation.

Subjects covered on this Site:

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Correspondence Etiquette - how to portray an image of style and elegance
Take pleasure in Correspondence Etiquette, fill your drawers with beautiful elegant matching stationery and take out your lovely fountain pen...
How can Modern Social Etiquette help Women live Happier Lives?
Want to take your success to the next level and acquire something very few women have? Social Etiquette skills to give you the ultimate confidence.
The Special Event
Would you like to acquire poise and grace at The Special Events in your Life? Tips on what to do to ensure the event goes well and you leave a lasting impression.
Dinner Etiquette
Dinner etiquette skills are one of the most important signs of class, elegance and sophistication. Ensure they don't let you down!
Wine Etiquette
How to choose a good bottle along with the correct serving glass to impress your dining companions whether on business or socially.
Business Etiquette for the Ambitiuos Lady
Learn the correct modern business etiquette to see you career blossom.
Interview Etiquette
Ladies learn the correct interview etiquette to ensure you secure the job!
Personal Etiquette
Your personal etiquette represents how you feel about yourself and the outside world. Tips to ensure you dress & gromm to make a good impression every time you step outside!
Dress Code Etiquette
Are you confused with modern dress code etiquette? Clarity & Information for both Work & Social Occasions.
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Etiquette in the News
Follow the latest Etiquette in the News, global and local. Add your own comments on what's happening.
Book Store
Are there certain subjects you wish to know more about? Here is a list of books that I recommend.
Introduction Etiquette - is it young to old, old to young?
Get your Introduction Etiquette wrong and you are on the back foot from the start! Easy to remember tips to ensure you create the right first impression.
Cheek Kissing Traditions
Cheek kissing traditions vary in every country, ensure you don't offend unintentionally when meeting someone for the first time.
Taboo Chat and Conversation Faux Pas - How to Deal with the Inevitable
What is considered Taboo Chat nowadays? Does it depend on who you are with?
Finding Conversation Etiquette and Small Talk difficult?
Having good Conversation Etiquette can make social events more enjoyable. Get some great ideas for your next social gathering so you can really look forward to meeting new people.
Committed a Social Faux Pas - embarrassed?
It can be a heart sinking moment realising you have just committed a social faux pas. Here's how to come out of it on top.
Gift Giving Etiquette - don't commit a Faux Pas!
Can you ever decline a gift or regift? Gift Giving Etiquette to ensure you create the right impression.
Ladies Etiquette for Baby Showers
Etiquette for Baby Showers - How to Organise One, what Gifts to Buy and What to Wear for the Occasion.
Not sure how to RSVP to a text or email invite? Is it still important?
Learn how to RSVP appropriately in our Digital World to make the right impression.
Is Thank You Note Etiquette important? Can't I just send a thank you text?
Thank you note etiquette tips and the reasons for their prevailing importance.
Sympathy Card Etiquette
Acquiring good sympathy card etiquette is not an easy task. Quick and easy tips on what to say and how to say it.
Funeral Service Etiquette for Ladies
Funeral Service Etiquette Tips - How to Express your Condolences with Genuine Affection along with How to Act and What to Wear.
The Engagement Party
The Engagement Party Etiquette – the new rules for both traditional parties and more relaxed get togethers.
Glove Etiquette
Ladies Gloves can instantly add elegance to an outfit. How to choose appropriate day and evening gloves and the associated glove etiquette
Cocktail Dress Code Etiquette
Cocktail Dress Code Etiquette Tips to Ensure you Make an Entrance with an Exquisite Outfit.
Funeral Dress Etiquette
Funeral Dress Etiquette for Ladies - ensure your funeral attire is stylish, elegant and above all respectful.
Black Tie Dress Code
Black Tie Dress Code can be a little confusing - full length gown required? Cocktail Dress? Tips to help you choose the right outfit for the occasion.
Dress Code for an Interview
It is vital to understand the dress code for an interview – ensure it compliments your flawless interview etiquette skills to give you the best chance at securing the job.
Table Etiquette
Ladies, is your table etiquette letting you down? Brush up your skills so that your conversation and sparkling company can shine through
Place Setting Etiquette for All Occasions
Whether you are dining formally or informally this guide details place setting etiquette to ensure you are confident with your dining companions
Chopstick Etiquette
Chopstick Etiquette - how to feel confident with chopsticks and ensure you don't offend unintentionally!
Wine Tasting Etiquette for Ladies
Wine Tasting Etiquette - how to look, smell and taste with confidence
Advertising Opportunities
Advertise your business on Etiquette and Manners for the Contemporary Woman
Business Email Etiquette Tips to ensure you demonstrate excellent manners
Your business email etiquette reveals much about you. Make sure you send the right message.
Business Meeting Etiquette for Ambitious Ladies
Ensure you create a good impression with your slick Business Meeting Etiquette
Business Negotiation Tactics
Ladies, get the results you desire by acquiring brilliant negotiation tactics.
Business Phone Etiquette
Ladies, ensure your business phone etiquette skills create the right impression every time.
Entertaining Etiquette for Ladies
Contemporary Entertaining Etiquette for the modern women to ensure you create an elegant impression no matter how informal the occasion.
Interview Thank You Letter
Ladies, wow your prospective boss with a hand written interview thank you letter
Invitation Etiquette for both Traditional and Techno Savvy Ladies
When is a text invite ok? Can you still use formal paper invites? A Ladies guide to modern Invitation Etiquette
Cheltenham Festival Dress Code
Don't make the mistake of wearing your Royal Ascot outfit to Cheltenham Festival. The Gold Cup Dress Code is totally different think tweeds and country casuals.
Proper Spa Etiquette
A Spa Day is a wonderful way to relax but you do need to prepare beforehand to get the most of your day. Read about proper spa etiquette before you go!
Royal Ascot Dress Code
It's all about the outfit! Ensure you get it right by adhering to the Royal Ascot Dress Code
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