Spa Day Etiquette

A Spa Day can make a wonderful gift both for both ladies and gentlemen.

However, knowing what is expected of you along with being prepared beforehand can make the difference between a relaxing day and one that may be somewhat more stressful than what you were anticipating.

Firstly, ensure you allow plenty of time before your first treatment. I would suggest waiting at least an hour after your planned arrival time to allow you to change, get to know the Spa layout and to generally start relaxing into the serenity. It can take a while to starting unwinding, especially after travelling, and you don’t want to spend the first fifteen minutes of your treatment waiting for your heart rate to settle down.

Make sure you arrive at the treatment room/waiting area in plenty of time, as often you will need to complete a questionnaire beforehand. If you are late for your appointment then you should fully expect your treatment time to be reduced.

It is polite to your therapist to make sure your personal hygiene is intact before your treatment; shower and ensure any excessive hairiness has already have been taken care of (unless this is a waxing appointment of course).

With regards to chitchat, therapists are trained to take the lead from you. Small talk is definitely superfluous but don’t be afraid to say what you want. If the pressure isn’t hard enough or the whale music is annoying you, then say so.

If you are body-shy then try to remember that therapists have seen all shapes and sizes and will be trained in the art of draping, meaning only the part of the body that is being treated will be exposed. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for a Brazilian Wax, where you will be expected to remove all your underwear and contort your lower body into all different manner of positions. Not for the faint hearted.

Once your treatment has finished you will be instructed by your therapist to ‘take your time’. What this really means is rise from the bed slowly, not take a half hour snooze.

Before you use the sauna/steam rooms check what the dress code is. Most UK Spas will state that swimwear must be worn and a towel should be placed underneath you before sitting. However, if your Spa has separate areas for men and women then they could well permit nudity. In some countries this is actually mandatory even in mixed areas i.e. Austria, so do check beforehand.

It should go without saying that mobile phones are a complete no-no, although I have unfortunately experienced inconsiderate spa goers waking me from my post treatment snooze, so it has to be mentioned.

If you are visiting a Spa with someone else then be considerate of the level of your chat. It’s fine to catch up on the latest gossip whilst enjoying the Jacuzzi, but in the relaxation areas do consider others who may be enjoying a catnap.

Finally, I recommend taking two swimwear outfits. You may wish to return to the pool area a second time and putting on wet swimwear is not a pleasant experience.

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