Can Modern Social Etiquette help us live Happier Lives?

Could it be that Simple?

Acquiring a knowledge of Modern Social Etiquette is one of the many important skills we can learn which can help determine our happiness and self-esteem in life.

They provide us with confidence that we are doing the right thing, acting appropriately and are dressed well, no matter what social situations we find ourselves in. 

Why do these skills help?

People with real confidence and high self-esteem show the most regard for others in society, regardless of their class or position.

When we are happy with who we are we and confident from within we are not easily fazed by others nor do we need to try and impress, our demeanour and poise do the talking for us. Politeness shows we are quietly confident and have a strong sense of character.

What are the benefits?

Well, I have experienced first-hand that good manners make the world a nicer place to live, both for me and those that come into contact with me, and that in turn make us all feel better about ourselves. That's a good start.

Another benefit that I experienced when I started acquiring these skills was an increase in invites to more social gatherings and events.

This is because, with practice, you will have the ability to make others feel welcome and at ease and you will also become a valuable asset to any event with your charisma and charm!

People will rely on you to turn up when you say you will, meet other guests so that your host can be free to greet others when they arrive, make good conversation and make others feel pleased that they came.

Hosting or attending a party or a family gathering can be difficult for some, but you will not need to worry, you will know what is perceived as polite behavour and sail your way through social occasions with your excellent social skills, elegant correspondence and thoughtful gifts.

You will also earn yourself favours from people when you need them the most - that last minute nail appointment or babysitter.

People are only too pleased to help someone who has been pleasant to them on an otherwise dull afternoon; you will be rewarded for your polite and charming behaviour. 

One thing to mention though is that just because a stranger has not responded to your kindness and politeness in the way it was intended does not mean you have not made an impact.

So resist the urge to say it's not worth it; your actions may just have aroused within them some questions about their own behaviour.

Where can you learn more about Social Etiquette?

Emily Post's 'Manners For A New World' is the best book I own for a good all-round knowledge. I refer to it frequently! It is easy to read and it also makes a lovely coffee table book and so makes an ideal gift. I highly recommend it as a good start to anyone's Etiquette Library!

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